Foster Homes needed for Sir's friends waiting for their forever homes.

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Sir's Rescue Rangers

Out Reach


Puppies in Need

Along with helping animals find forever homes, we help Mamma's with their puppies. At times, SRR has been called on to help a pregnant dog, our volunteers work tirelessly to see to the health and safety of the female. Once she gives birth, we'll work around the clock caring for the puppies. At times owners are unsure how to properly care for a pregnant female, or for a new litter of puppies or kittens. SRR staff and volunteers will step in to care for the animals, and once they reach a safe age either return them to their owners, or if the owners prefer we'll put them up for adoption. Our only stipulation is to have the mamma spayed before her return. 


Our Veterans

Sir's Rescue Rangers honors and respects our veterans. We understand that animals bring comfort and care that humans often can't to help our veterans. Which is why when the VA calls us with a vet needing hospitalization we will board their pet at no cost until other arrangements can be made, or until the vet is released from the hospital.


Therapy Support

Sir's Rescue Rangers enjoys taking our trained therapy animals to visit veterans', senior citizens, children's hospitals, hospitals, schools, and special education classrooms. These special animals often bring comfort and big smiles to those we visit.